HurRainA10: World's First Bionic Atmospheric Water Generator

Inspired by the surface micro-nanostructures of cacti and desert beetles, we invented HurRain A10, the world's first consumer-grade bionic atmospheric water generator. HurRain A10 can transform the air into premium drinking water under non-standard temperature and humidity in more than two hundred countries and regions around the world.

  • Purifies water & air

    With HurRain A10, water collected from the
    air is purified through an advanced composite filtration system with six stages
    to achieve clean water production.

  • Kills 99.9% of microorganisms

    The sterilization system of HurRain A10 destroy over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms to uphold the hygiene level of the water purifier.

  • Low energy consumption

    HurRain A10 is very energy efficient and environmentally friendly. With its low
    energy consumption, only 200W are consumed per hour.

Innovative Technology

Water production with HurRain A10 is based on the combination of graphene interface thermal material with compressor refrigeration technology. Innovative polymer material technology absorbs and traps water vapor from air and blocks impurities.

Advanced Process

HurrainA10 can produce 10 liters of clean,reliable,and renewable water every day. 50 cups of high-quality water will be provided for you every day to fully meet the daily drinking needs of a family.

Indoor & outdoor use

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Q:Does it need to be installed?

Free installation, this machine can operate immediately when plug in.

Q:Does it work at most humidity levels?

The operating humidity of this machine is required 25~90%RH. If the humidity is lower 25%RH, the water producing efficiency will be affected.

Q:What is the lifetime?

The life of this machine can be more than 10 years, but the water filter and air filter should be changed for once a year. The total detailed price of one set of water filter and air filter will charge about $60.

Q:What if I have any problems with my machine?

We have 24H online customer service to answer the problems in application. You can leave your question description to the offical website mailbox, and we will answer for you as soon as possible. In addition, you can also connact with local dealer or the local designated service network.

Q:How much maintenance is required?

For the consumables, please make a contact with our customer service.

Q:Will contaminants in the air get into my water?

No, because this machine has double filter systems. When the air go through the first filter, the particels and dust will be absorbed. And then the water from air will keep going enter the water filter system. And the water quality of this machine has approved by local government